drying oven

PASS works with different drying solutions depending on the customer requirement which partially are also integrated into a complete production line.

Also on demand we integrate customer recommended drying solutions.

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General Specification

Usable area

100 x 100 mm up to
4.000 x 40.000mm


up to 600 C down
to +/-2 K


Continuous, batch,
multiple stack

Multiple gases

N2, H2, O2, Ar…


In-line Drying Oven

  • Transport system providing various feeding option such as single-lane conveyor, dual-lane conveyor, multi-lane conveyor, etc

  • Ideal heat transfer

  • Stress-free below 50 degC

  • Good nitrogen injection control & air doping control

  • Reduced maintenance expenses and reduced downtime

  • User-friendly software

Small Drying Oven

  • Best solution for drying metal paste of metallization process for MLCC / MLCI manufacturing

  • Infrared Heating, 4 Zone full control

  • Steel belt conveyor

  • Long entrance and exit cooling ramp

  • Automatic exit cooling fan area

  • Full flow exhaust design for ventilation

  • High throughput

  • Energy efficiency

  • Max setup temperature: 300 deg

Off-line Drying Oven

  • Energy efficiency solutions for drying metal paste in metallization process

  • No toxins

  • Meets the requirements of TA Luft (Germany)

  • Essentially releases H2O and CO2

  • Various transport system options:
    single or dual line transport with mesh or teflon belts

  • Belt stand0offs