Dyring Oven

Drying is process to dry out solvent of metal paste after via fill or printing circuit. Precious curing profile is required to ensure paste deposit is completely dried out.

In-line Drying Oven

Small Drying Oven

Off-line Drying Oven

Key Features:

  • Transport system providing various feeding option such as single-lane conveyor, dual-lane conveyor, multi-lane conveyor, etc
  • Ideal heat transfer
  • Stress-free below 50 degC
  • Good nitrogen injection control and air doping control
  • Reduced maintenance expenses and reduced downtime
  • User-friendly software

Key Features:

  • Best solution for drying metal paste of metallization process for MLCC / MLCI manufacturing
  • Infrared Heating, 4 Zone full control
  • Steel belt conveyor
  • Long entrance and exit cooling ramp
  • Automatic exit cooling fan area
  • Full flow exhaust design for ventilation
  • High throughput
  • Energy efficiency
  • Max setup temperature: 300 degC

Key Features:

  • Energy efficiency solutions for drying metal paste in metallization process
  • No toxins
  • Meets the requirements of TA Luft (Germany)
  • Essentially releases H2O and CO2
  • Various transport system options: single or dual line transport with mesh or teflon belts
  • Belt stand0offs