Stacking Machine

Stacking is a process to stack up all layers of punched and printed green tapes to construct complete circuit. Lamination follows after stacking in order to fix position of every layer before sintering.

Atomatic stacker

Laboratory press

Vacuum Laminating Press

Key Features:

  • Automatic loading device
  • Turning unit automatically to flip tape upside down
  • Air knife to clean tape before stacking
  • Automatic Mylar removal unit
  • Two vacuum plates in stacking table
  • Stacking unit with lamination bars
  • X, Y Position alignment by camera
  • System control by PC and PLC

Key Features:

Clamp unit

  • Closing force: 45 kN
  • Opening force: 14 kN
  • Closing stroke: 150 mm
  • Platen size: 300 x300 mm
  • Panel size: 270 x 270 mm
  • Upper heating platen level: ~1250 mm

Hydraulic aggregation

  • Max. hydraulic pressure: ~250 bar
  • Max. operation temperature: 300°C
  • Max. vacuum: <10 mbar

Key Features:

  • Heating press for laminating multi-layer circuit boards.
  • The heating and cooling plates are equipped with a channel system of thermal oil heating and cooling.
  • Asbestos-free insulation plates for heat insulation between heating plates and press stands as well as special heat insulation of the closing cylinder increases service life.
  • The press frames are mono-blocks to increase process safety during the vacuum.
  • The overall modular concept allows for the flexibility of expanding a stand-alone press to a fully automatic system with multiple presses and storage units.